Freedom Crossroads

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Freedom Crossroads is a special blend coffee that we are proud to designate 15% of total sales directly to Operation Freedom Crossroads – the Veteran’s Tiny Home Project by the Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce. Read More Here

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Freedom Crossroads is our MEDIUM ROAST special blend created to help our local homeless veteran population. It is a unique blend of three different origins creating the perfect cup of joe. This is quickly becoming a customer favorite due to the clean smooth finish left on the palette.

Most people are unaware of the massive gap that the majority of veterans fall prey to once they decide to seek help and complete a treatment program. Whether it is treatment from addiction, PTSD, or both, where do veterans go once they finally start getting a handle on their demons and get serious about change? I can tell you from experience, it is hard enough to stay on the straight and narrow while remaining sober when everyone around you is also sober and supportive, but it is quite another mountain to climb when those you live with are still using drugs and continuing criminal behavior.

Most homeless veterans in the Treasure Valley end up in halfway houses or homeless shelters once they get out of treatment because they have not been employed for some time. Imagine getting out of treatment and trying to get a job to reclaim your life and being surrounded by people still using drugs and committing crimes to make money. This is where “Operation Freedom Crossroads” comes in! This is a project taken on by the Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce and group of amazing men and women who have seen this massive obstacle in the path of our veterans and are doing everything in their power to remove it.

Imagine getting out of treatment and being able to move into your own tiny home without worrying about how to pay the mortgage. Imagine your neighbors are also veterans walking the same path and are there to help guide and support you along the way! ZDTCoffee is honored to be a small part of the fundraising efforts for Operation Freedom Crossroads because we believe the impact of this project will be immeasurable to our community. This is why we are launching our new favorite blend of java, aptly named Freedom Crossroads. A portion of the proceeds from this blend will go directly to Operation Freedom Crossroads, so you can enjoy this amazing blend of coffee and know that you are truly making a difference with every single cup!


Ground, Whole Bean


12 oz, 16 oz, 4 lbs, 5 lbs


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